Hello Everyone,

1.    We are proud to announce that starting on Thursday, April 22 from 11 am until 1 pm, we will be having practice drills. We need a minimum of 13 people and a maximum of 24 including three volunteers. First Come, First Served (excuse the pun). NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

2.    The two outdoor courts on Old Coach Road in Gunningsville will hopefully be available for play on Saturday, April 24th. We are looking for volunteers for Friday, April 23 at 9 am (weather permitting) to install the tennis net and the two permanent pickleball nets (Rain Date: Saturday, April 23). We also need to take down the old windscreens to replace with new windscreens which will be installed on all sides of the courts. We may have to continue work on these on Saturday, April 24. Weather looks good so far. Plus 10 degrees they are saying now. The big factor will be the wind. We could use some 8 foot or 10 foot ladders and some wire cutters. The windscreens were purchased thanks to another New Horizons Seniors Program Grant of $2,000.

3.    That being said, we may be able to have free outdoor clinics in the evenings and/or weekends sometime in May.

4.    The Annual General Meeting is slated for Sunday, June 6, from 2 pm until 4 pm at the Coverdale Rec Centre Gym. More details to come on this at a later date.

5.    Please consider running for any executive position or as a board member. Check the Constitution on our website for details of responsibilities of these positions. Nominations are now being accepted by Jeanine Gallant at gillesgallant5@gmail.com

-RPC Executive

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