The Grand Opening June 26, 2021, as part of Riverview’s SUNFEST Events, was a huge success with over 20 people that showed up for the ceremony and training. After President Doug McFadden gave the opening remarks, RPC Executive Committee Member and Councilor Sarah Murphy cut the ribbon to make it official and both Mayor Andrew LeBlanc and Sarah had a few words for the crowd afterwards.

Big thanks to the planning committee and especially Doug McFadden, Leo Paul LeBlanc, Bob Betts and another thanks to our volunteers Steve Moreton, Gilles Gallant, Marlene Allison, Ed Johnson and Paul and Pam Vokey who came all the way from Sackville to help out with the training.

A big thank you to our major sponsor Dairy Queen Riverview and member Tom Betts for the donation of dilly bars for the event. And Leo Paul LeBlanc for ice, water and granola bars.

Another shout out to the Town of Riverview and the Government of Canada in helping make these state of the art outdoor pickleball courts come to fruition.

Pictures? See the Photo Gallery

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