COVID Restrictions:

Show your member card each time as we are going to have a sign-up sheet but we don’t need your phone number. Maximum 30 players including volunteers except Thursday morning training/drills…20 Max.

Masks are mandatory at all times except when playing. Distancing will be enforced. Balls will be sanitized after each session. We want you to bring your own chair but, if you use CRC chairs, we ask that you sanitize it before leaving and stack them against the wall.

We will provide both hand sanitizers and chair sanitizers. Please sanitize your hands before setting up and taking down nets. CRC super cleans the place each day and are asking those that have at least two symptoms of Covid to stay at home.

Directional arrows and markers will be in place for lining up to register and for the seating areas.

We will enter and exit the courts counter-clockwise while always wearing a mask.

When playing four on/four off, bring the ball with you to be placed in the sanitizing bucket when you leave the court. The same if we have to go to 12 on/12 off with a timer.

Please don’t congregate without physical distancing at the front door. We must remain outside respecting physical distancing or in our cars each morning until a volunteer comes out to let you in as we need to set up inside first. 

Please hand-sanitize when registering and after each match and before setting up or taking down nets.