CLINIC/TRAINING: Doug McFadden (CHAIR) Gerry Williamson, Harry Lord and Keith Lane FINANCE: Anil Joshi (CHAIR) SPONSORSHIP: Leo Paul LeBlanc (CHAIR) and Bob Betts PUBLICITY/PR: Bob Betts (CHAIR) and Leo Paul LeBlanc MEMBERSHIP: Bob Betts (CHAIR) FUND RAISING:  Vacancy SOCIAL: Leo Paul LeBlanc (CHAIR) EQUIPMENT: Steve Moreton (CHAIR), Randy Smith and Ed Johnson TOURNAMENT: Gerry Williamson (CHAIR) and Gilles Gallant YOUTH: Gilles Gallant (CHAIR)  and Chantal Gallant SCHEDULING: Gerry Williamson (CHAIR) CONSTITUTION: Randy Smith (CHAIR), Harry Lord NOMINATION: Doug McFadden (CHAIR) PRAISES AND SORROWS: Alice Harrison (CHAIR)
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