Membership for the Riverview Pickleball Club is $15 per year. ($5 to Pickleball Canada, $5 to Pickleball New Brunswick and $5 to the club)

Why join?

  • Membership includes membership with Pickleball Canada and Pickleball NB.

  • It provides extensive insurance whenever playing at venues sanctioned by the above organizations.

  • It allows you to vote and run for office with the club Executive or the Board of Directors.

  • Only club members get discounts on punch cards.

  • Inclusion with private club tournaments and parties.

  • 10% Discount at Cleve’s Sporting Goods and 5% Discount at Atlantic Pickleball Equipment.

  • Updates on pickleball news sent by email, Facebook and this website. 

NOTE: Membership fees due yearly by October 31.

Members from other clubs that are registered PCO members can purchase an RPC club membership for $5 and take advantage of most of what we have to offer above. Only exception would be that Associate Members would not be able to vote or hold office. Must show proof of membership.

Membership Form and other Info..Click Here