Harvestfest “FUN MIXER” Tournament 

Saturday, September 28th

Riverview East School

9 am-3 pm


It will be a FUN MIXER and a fund-raiser to help pay for outdoor summer courts.

$10 per member, $15 non-member guest.

All skill levels:

Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced 

No need to select a partner, we’ll decide that when you come to play. Probably by randomly picking court tiles. We just need to know where to go from there. Please register by responding to riverviewpickleball@gmail.com any time before Friday, September 20th and let us know if you are bringing a guest. Refreshments will be served but no sandwiches will be provided.

Other games will be played such as a 50/50 pickleball toss. Eg. $5 for 5 balls and try to hit into basket and each basket will provide you with one ballet towards the 50/50 prize.

All profits to go towards outdoor summer courts.

Various winners will awarded certificates and of course, bragging rights for a year!